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Theoretical Examination of Electromagnetic Wave Tunneling through Cascaded ϵ- and μ-Negative Metamaterial Slabs

By Chien-Hao Liu and Nader Behdad
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 42, 1-22, 2012


In this paper, we examine the close relationship that exists between the phenomenon of electromagnetic (EM) wave tunneling through stacks of single-negative metamaterial slabs and classical microwave filter theory. In particular, we examine the propagation of EM waves through a generalized multi-layer structure composed of N ϵ-negative layers separated from each other by N-1 μ-negative layers, where N≥2 is a positive integer. We demonstrate that, if certain conditions are met, this multi-layer structure can act as a capacitively-coupled, coupled-resonator filter with an Nth-order bandpass response. Exploiting this relationship, we develop a generalized, analytical synthesis method that can be used to determine the physical parameters of this structure from its a priori known frequency response. We present several design examples in conjunction with numerical EM simulation results to demonstrate the validity of this analogy and examine the accuracy of the proposed synthesis procedure.


Chien-Hao Liu and Nader Behdad, "Theoretical Examination of Electromagnetic Wave Tunneling through Cascaded ϵ- and μ-Negative Metamaterial Slabs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 42, 1-22, 2012.


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