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Experimental Field Reconstruction of Incoherent Sources

By Amedeo Capozzoli, Claudio Curcio, and Angelo Liseno
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, 219-239, 2013


The problem of characterizing random sources from near-field measurements and of devising the random field sampling procedure is tackled by a stochastic approach. The presented technique is an extension of that introduced in [A. Capozzoli, et al., Field sampling and field reconstruction: a new perspective, Radio Sci., vol. 45, 2010] and successfully adopted to experimentally characterize deterministic (CW and multi-frequency) radiators and fields. Under the assumption that the source is wide sense stationary, quasi-monochromatic and incoherent, its intensity is reconstructed by time-domain field measurements aimed at extracting information from the mutual coherence of the acquired near-field. The linear relation between the field coherence and the source intensity is inverted by using the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) approach, properly representing the source intensity distribution by exploiting the a priori information (e.g., its size and shape) on the radiator. The sampling of the radiated random field is devised by a singular value optimization procedure of the relevant finite dimensional linear operator. Experimental results using a slotted reverberation chamber as incoherent source assess the performance of the approach.


Amedeo Capozzoli, Claudio Curcio, and Angelo Liseno, "Experimental Field Reconstruction of Incoherent Sources," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, 219-239, 2013.


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