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Dual-Layer EBG Structures for Low-Profile ``Bent'' Monopole Antennas

By Tangjie Yuan, Habiba Hafdallah-Ouslimani, Alain C. Priou, Guillaume Lacotte, and Gerard Collignon
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, 315-337, 2013


We propose in this paper the design, realization and experimental characterization of a low-profile metamaterial ``bent'' monopole antenna with a total height of 0.027 λ0 and a fractional bandwidth of 24.4% around 1.3 GHz. The metamaterial structure is a dual-layer mushroom-like electromagnetic band gap (DL-EBG) conceived and optimized to improve the antenna's operating bandwidth. Moreover, a ``Sabre-Type'' antenna composed by two identical ``bent'' monopole metamaterial antennas placed on both sides of a composite thin slab material has been simulated and realized. The ``sabre" antenna provides a vertically polarization and omnidirectional radiation patterns in the elevation plane while its radiation patterns are almost directional in the azimuth plane. A maximum gain of 8.7 dB is obtained by measurement at 1.45 GHz. A remarkable agreement is obtained between the measured and the simulated results.


Tangjie Yuan, Habiba Hafdallah-Ouslimani, Alain C. Priou, Guillaume Lacotte, and Gerard Collignon, "Dual-Layer EBG Structures for Low-Profile ``Bent'' Monopole Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 47, 315-337, 2013.


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