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Design of Defected Ground Band Pass Filters Using Stepped Impedance Resonators

By Shraddha Sharma, Raj Kumar, Raghupatruni Ram Krishna, and Rajas Khokle
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 54, 203-225, 2013


In this paper, band pass filters based on the microstrip configuration and utilizing coupled defected ground structures are presented. The 50 Ω microstrip line has a gap discontinuity in the middle and characterized by stepped impedance resonators on either half. The four fractal geometries tested for defected ground are the first and second iterations of the modified Moore curve, the closed staircase curve and a dual concentric closed staircase curve. The filters have a compact size and planar geometry. The modified Moore first iteration has a measured pass band from 2.27 GHz to 11.86 GHz, whereas the second iteration has a measured pass band from 1.85 GHz to 6.71 GHz. The measured pass band of the closed staircase is from 2.38 GHz to 7.21 GHz. The dual-concentric closed-staircase DGS filter offers a dual-band response with the measured pass band being from 2.41 GHz to 5.01 GHz and from 5.81 GHz to 8.35 GHz. All the filters are intended for UWB applications. A parametric study for the controlling parameters is also presented.


Shraddha Sharma, Raj Kumar, Raghupatruni Ram Krishna, and Rajas Khokle, "Design of Defected Ground Band Pass Filters Using Stepped Impedance Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 54, 203-225, 2013.


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