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Scattering of an Obliquely Incident Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Magnetized Plasma Column: Energy Flow Patterns at Plasmon Resonances

By Vasiliy A. Es'kin, Alexander V. Ivoninsky, and Alexander V. Kudrin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 63, 173-186, 2015


The scattering of an obliquely incident H-polarized plane electromagnetic wave by a magnetized plasma column is studied. It is assumed that the column is located in free space and aligned with an external static magnetic field. The emphasis is placed on the case where the angular frequency of the incident wave coincides with one of the surface- or volume-plasmon resonance frequencies of the column. The spatial structures of the field and energy flow patterns in the near zone of the column are analyzed, and the location of the regions with a greatly enhanced magnitude of the timeaveraged Poynting vector is determined. It is shown that the sign reversal of the longitudinal energy-flow component that is parallel to the column axis can occur when passing across the boundary between the inner region of the column and the surrounding medium.


Vasiliy A. Es'kin, Alexander V. Ivoninsky, and Alexander V. Kudrin, "Scattering of an Obliquely Incident Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Magnetized Plasma Column: Energy Flow Patterns at Plasmon Resonances," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 63, 173-186, 2015.


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