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Topology Measurement of Substation's Grounding Grid by Using Electromagnetic and Derivative Method

By Aamir Qamar, Fan Yang, Wei He, Ammad Jadoon, Muhammad Zeeshan Khan, and Naidong Xu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 67, 71-90, 2016


The topology of grounding grid is important for diagnosing its status, which plays a critical role in the safety of personnel and stable operation of power system. The electromagnetic field method and derivative of surface magnetic flux density on the line has been used to measure the branch position in case the grid is parallel to the plane of earth surface that in practice is unknown while the node points and connections were not discussed. This paper introduces a method that uses derivative of surface flux density on circles and lines in a systematic order to find the position of the grid in the plane of the earth surface and connecting the nodes to measure the full topology. This method even identifies any angled branch present in the mesh of a grid. Software simulations and experimental tests verify that the method is feasible and can be applied to identify the topology of a grounding grid.


Aamir Qamar, Fan Yang, Wei He, Ammad Jadoon, Muhammad Zeeshan Khan, and Naidong Xu, "Topology Measurement of Substation's Grounding Grid by Using Electromagnetic and Derivative Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 67, 71-90, 2016.


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