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Uniform and Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays Synthesis for Smart Antenna Systems Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithm

By Bilel Hamdi, Selma Limam, and Taoufik Aguili
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 67, 91-105, 2016


Recently, researchers were interested in neural algorithms for optimization problems for several communication systems. This paper shows a novel algorithm based on neural technique presented to enhance the performance analysis of beam-forming in smart antenna technology using N elements for Uniform Circular Array (UCA) and Concentric Circular Array (CCA) geometries. To demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed approach, simulation results are carried out in MATLAB. The radiators are considered isotropic, and hence mutual coupling effects are ignored. The proposed array shows a considerable improvement against the existing structures in terms of 3-D scanning, size, directivity, HPBW and SLL reduction. The results show that multilayer feed-forward neural networks are robust and can solve complex antenna problems. However, artificial neural network (ANN) is able to generate very fast the results of synthesis by using generalization with early stopping method. Important gain in the running time and memory used is obtained using this latter method for improving generalization (called early stopping). To validate this work, several examples are shown.


Bilel Hamdi, Selma Limam, and Taoufik Aguili, "Uniform and Concentric Circular Antenna Arrays Synthesis for Smart Antenna Systems Using Artificial Neural Network Algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 67, 91-105, 2016.


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