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Comparison, with an Analytical Optimization Process, of Two Synchronous Halbach Permanent Magnet Machines, for a Direct Drive Stick Application

By Jean-Francois Allias, Jean-Francois Llibre, Carole Henaux, Yves Briere, and Soheib Fergani
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 69, 47-59, 2016


This paper deals with the comparison of two actuators with different frameworks, for a direct drive active stick application. Each actuator will be compared with three different sets of specifications which impose many constraints as: high torque, small volume, low temperature, etc. The high required torque per unit of mass and the small volume allowed involve the use of synchronous Halbach permanent magnet (PM) topologies which have the best torque performances. In this article, an analysis and a comparison of two optimized actuators designed with a Halbach configuration are done. It is a linear actuator and a double airgap rotating actuator. The electromagnetic torque is calculated by the Laplace force for which the flux density generated by the Halbach PM configuration is defined by a Laplace equation and a Poisson equation. An analytical optimization under a set of nonlinear constraints will be realized with the analytical expressions of the torque we got previously. In order to validate the analytical model, finite-element analysis (FEA) simulations will be performed on the optimized structure. Finally, two actuators will be compared in order to give the best compromises for the stick application for each set of specifications.


Jean-Francois Allias, Jean-Francois Llibre, Carole Henaux, Yves Briere, and Soheib Fergani, "Comparison, with an Analytical Optimization Process, of Two Synchronous Halbach Permanent Magnet Machines, for a Direct Drive Stick Application," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 69, 47-59, 2016.


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