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Single Layered Wide Bandwidth Nanosized Strontium Hexa-Ferrite Filled LLDPE Absorber in X-Band

By Soma Chakraborty, Nidhi Saxena Bhattacharyya, and Satyajib Bhattacharyya
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 71, 137-152, 2016


A wide-band single-layer EMI shielding material for X-band is developed using an M-type strontium hexa-ferrite nanoparticle filler in LLDPE matrix. Strontium hexa-ferrite nanoparticles with crystalline size of 25.8 nm are obtained by annealing at 850˚C. LLDPE allows a higher wt. % of ferrite inclusions enabling enhanced dielectric and magnetic losses. A peak absorption of 99.39% is achieved at 10.21 GHz when the filler weight in a 3 mm thick sample is adjusted to 60 wt.% while a wide -10 dB absorption bandwidth of 3.36 GHz centered around the same frequency is obtained. The density of the composite is 1.36 g/cm3 and shows negligible water absorption.


Soma Chakraborty, Nidhi Saxena Bhattacharyya, and Satyajib Bhattacharyya, "Single Layered Wide Bandwidth Nanosized Strontium Hexa-Ferrite Filled LLDPE Absorber in X-Band," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 71, 137-152, 2016.


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