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Scattering and Radiation Characteristics of Antenna Systems Under Nose Dielectric Radomes

By Oleg Sukharevsky, Vitaly Vasylets, and Sergey V. Nechitaylo
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 76, 141-157, 2017


The calculation method for electromagnetic field scattered by antenna placed inside nose dielectric radome is proposed. To obtain the radiation characteristics, we use the calculation method for field generated by radiation aperture given that an arbitrary system of scatterers (particularly, radome) exists in its vicinity. Also, the method for calculating radiation characteristics of antenna system with the same radomes is obtained. Considered numerical results tell us that influence of radome on radiation characteristics can be reduced to minimum for any radome type. Besides, the radome can reduce the radar visibility of antenna system outside of its operating frequency range.


Oleg Sukharevsky, Vitaly Vasylets, and Sergey V. Nechitaylo, "Scattering and Radiation Characteristics of Antenna Systems Under Nose Dielectric Radomes," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 76, 141-157, 2017.


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