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Perturbations of Ambient Magnetic Field Resulted from a Ball Motion in a Conductive Liquid Half-Space

By Vadim V. Surkov, Valery M. Sorokin, and Alexey K. Yashchenko
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 80, 113-131, 2018


We theoretically analyze perturbations of ambient magnetic field due to electric currents caused by motion of a dielectric ball in a conductive fluid half-space. The approximate analytical solution of the problem has been derived for the case of arbitrary orientation of the ambient magnetic field and under the requirement that the fluid flow around the ball is laminar and potential in character. We examine spatiotemporal distribution of these perturbations and their dependence on both the depth and distance from the moving ball. The amplitudes of electromagnetic perturbations generated by the fluid flow around the ball have been compared with that resulting from gravity waves in the fluid.


Vadim V. Surkov, Valery M. Sorokin, and Alexey K. Yashchenko, "Perturbations of Ambient Magnetic Field Resulted from a Ball Motion in a Conductive Liquid Half-Space," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 80, 113-131, 2018.


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