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Solutions of Eddy-Current Problems in a Finite Length Cylinder by Separation of Variables

By Yuriy Zhilichev
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 81, 81-100, 2018


Magnetic field and eddy currents in a cylinder of finite length are calculated by separation of variables. The magnetic field outside the cylinder or inside the bore of the hollow cylinder and shell is expressed in terms of Bessel functions. Both axial and transverse applied fields are considered for the solid and hollow cylinders. The equations for the vector potential components are transformed in one-dimensional equations along the radial coordinate with the consequent integration by the method of variation of parameters. The equation for the scalar electric potential when required is also integrated analytically. Expressions for the magnetic moment and loss are derived. An alternative analytical solution in terms of scalar magnetic potential is derived for the finite length thin shells. All formulas are validated by the comparison with the solutions by finite-element and finite-difference methods.


Yuriy Zhilichev, "Solutions of Eddy-Current Problems in a Finite Length Cylinder by Separation of Variables," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 81, 81-100, 2018.


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