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High Temperature Antennas: a Review

By Bachir Younes, Md. Samiul Islam Sagar, Asif Iftekhar Omi, Noah Riley Allison, Danielle Gedlick, and Praveen Kumar Sekhar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 95, 103-121, 2022


The advent of space exploration and space warfare along with the deployment of advanced missiles, unmanned aircraft systems, and modern nuclear reactors has reignited the field of high temperature antennas. In this context, this article surveys the field of antennas that operate under harsh environments that are often characterized by high temperature. In this context, this article surveys the field of high temperature antennas. The choice of the substrate and the conductor for antenna implementation are discussed with emphasis on their thermal and electrical properties. Further, the different fabrication techniques to realize the antenna are discussed. The performance comparison of the different types of high temperature antennas are presented. Finally, the future prospects and inherent challenges in advancing research on antennas for extreme environments are detailed. The article concludes with insights into the new developments in the field of flexible antennas operable in hostile conditions.


Bachir Younes, Md. Samiul Islam Sagar, Asif Iftekhar Omi, Noah Riley Allison, Danielle Gedlick, and Praveen Kumar Sekhar, "High Temperature Antennas: a Review," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 95, 103-121, 2022.


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