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Simulation of Rapid Voltage Edge Related Voltage Surges in Highly Inductive Windings with Frequency Dependent Parameters

By Roberto Felicetti, Jesus Jose Perez-Loya, and Claes Urban Lundin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 99, 1-21, 2023


Many static and rotating electric energy converters make use of inductive coils as filters, reactive loads or exciters, where a sudden variation of the magnetizing current can produce severe overvoltage with potential subsequent insulation damage. In some applications the overvoltage is the result of a superposition of travelling voltage waves in a supplying line. Traditional tools for studying such phenomena are based on ordinary differential equations that can heavily handle variable parameters, especially if they change according to the rapidity of the observed overvoltage. In this paper the transient voltage distribution in the excitation winding of a salient pole synchronous generator is simulated by solving the problem entirely in the frequency domain, i.e., without any use of the traditional ordinary differential equations solvers. Thismakesit possible to tune the parameters of a simplified electric model to the frequency response of the studied winding. It is shown that for highly inductive windings a single transmission line model with frequency dependent parameters can reproduce voltage transients very accurately, in a broad interval of frequency, relevant for power electronics and electromagnetic compatibility applications. Furthermore, the paper presents the experimental setup which has been needed for generating the fast varying voltage edges.


Roberto Felicetti, Jesus Jose Perez-Loya, and Claes Urban Lundin, "Simulation of Rapid Voltage Edge Related Voltage Surges in Highly Inductive Windings with Frequency Dependent Parameters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 99, 1-21, 2023.


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