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Stabilization of Evanescent Wave Propagation Operators

By Michael Andersson, Daniel Sjöberg, and Gerhard Kristensson
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 101, 17-44, 2023


This paper presents a stabilized scheme that solves the wave propagation problem in a general bianisotropic, stratified medium. The method utilizes the concept of propagators, i.e., the wave propagation operators that map the total tangential electric and magnetic fields from one plane in the slab to another. The scheme transforms the propagator approach into a scattering matrix form, where a spectral decomposition of the propagator enables separation of the exponentially growing and decaying terms in order to obtain a well-conditioned formulation. Multilayer structures can be handled in a stable manner using the dissipative property of the Redheffer star product for cascading scattering matrices. The reflection and transmission dyadics for a general bianisotropic medium with an isotropic half space on both sides of the slab are presented in a coordinate-independent dyadic notation, as well as the reflection dyadic for a bianisotropic slab with perfect electric conductor backing (PEC). Several numerical examples that illustrate the performance of the stabilized algorithm are presented.


Michael Andersson, Daniel Sjöberg, and Gerhard Kristensson, "Stabilization of Evanescent Wave Propagation Operators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 101, 17-44, 2023.


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