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Element Thinning Using Discrete Cat Swarm Optimization for 5G/6G Applications

By Sahiti Vankayalapati, Lakshman Pappula, and Debalina Ghosh
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 101, 119-135, 2023


An efficient method for designing narrow beams having minimum peak side lobe level (PSLL) and maintaining power efficiency (reducing active elements) for 5G/6G base stations with large antenna arrays is proposed. To ensure high efficiency in a multi-dimensional complex nonlinear optimization problem with several constraints thinning of antenna of antenna arrays is considered. For performing exhaustive search on the large number of feasible solutions a novel algorithm named discrete cat swarm optimization (DCSO) is usedand is a binary adaptation of real-valued cat swarm optimization (CSO). To testify the efficiency of DCSO a set of standard benchmarked multimodal functions are used. The proposed algorithmsexhibit heuristic nature, so the stability of the proposed method has been authenticated by using statistical test. Later the algorithm is applied to the optimization of a large planar antenna array (PAA) of size 10×20 (200 elements) to suppress the PSLL. Furthermore, the results of the synthesis are compared with literature marking low PSLL and convergence speed as pointers. The comparative results delineate the superiority of the DCSO over the existing discrete versioned traditional algorithms with respect to solution accuracy and speed of convergence. DCSO introducesa higher degree of flexibility to the field of binary-valued thinned antenna array synthesis problems.


Sahiti Vankayalapati, Lakshman Pappula, and Debalina Ghosh, "Element Thinning Using Discrete Cat Swarm Optimization for 5G/6G Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 101, 119-135, 2023.


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