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A Parallel 3D Spatial Spectral Volume Integral Equation Method for Electromagnetic Scattering from Finite Scatterers

By Stefan Eijsvogel, Roeland Johannes Dilz, and Martijn Constant van Beurden
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 102, 1-17, 2023


Parallel computing for the three-dimensional spatial spectral volume integral equation method is presented for the computation of electromagnetic scattering by finite dielectric scatterers in a layered medium. The first part exploits the Gabor-frame expansion to compute the Gabor coefficients of scatterers in a parellel manner. The second part concerns the decomposition and restructuring of the matrix-vector product of this spatial spectral volume integral equation into (partially) independent components to enable parallel computing. Both capitalize on the hardware to reduce the computation time by shared-memory parallelism. Numerical experiments in the form of solving electrically large scattering problems, namely volumes up to 1300 cubic wavelengths, in combination with a large number of finite scatterers show a significant reduction in wall-clock time owing to parallel computing, while maintaining accuracy.


Stefan Eijsvogel, Roeland Johannes Dilz, and Martijn Constant van Beurden, "A Parallel 3D Spatial Spectral Volume Integral Equation Method for Electromagnetic Scattering from Finite Scatterers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 102, 1-17, 2023.


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