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Design and Development of CPW-Fed Miniaturized MSA for Improved Gain, Bandwidth and Efficiency Using PRS

By Ameet M. Mehta, Shankar B. Deosarkar, and Anil Bapusa Nandgaonkar
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 137, 211-222, 2023


A Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) fed antenna with a T-type slot and Partially Reflecting Surface (PRS) for gain, bandwidth, and efficiency improvement is presented. The antenna is miniaturized to get size reduction of 46.50%. The miniaturized antenna covers frequencies in C band. The presented antenna structure is easy to design and has size of 0.682λg x 0.99λg x 0.053λg. The PRS with parasitic patches is placed on top of the antenna at a distance of 0.25λg. The presented antenna design has a bandwidth of 4.42 GHz (Antenna~1) and 3.87 GHz (Antenna~2) with a percentage bandwidth of 75.81% and 59.58% respectively having average radiation efficiency above 90%. The gains obtained are 7.03 dBi and 6.12 dBi for Antenna~1 and Antenna~2. The gain has < 3 dB variation over the complete band. The obtained results support the design and make the antenna suitable for C band applications.


Ameet M. Mehta, Shankar B. Deosarkar, and Anil Bapusa Nandgaonkar, "Design and Development of CPW-Fed Miniaturized MSA for Improved Gain, Bandwidth and Efficiency Using PRS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 137, 211-222, 2023.


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