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Light Scattering by Large Hexagonal Column with Multiple Densely Packed Inclusions

By Xianming Sun and Hengxu Ha
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 3, 105-112, 2008


The scattering of visible light by hexagonal-shaped column containing densely packed inclusions is simulated by a combination of ray-tracing and Monte Carlo techniques. While the ray tracing program takes care of the individual reflection and refraction events at the outer boundary of the particle, the Monte Carlo routine simulates internal scattering processes. A dense-medium light-scattering theory based on the introduction of the static structure factor is used to calculate the phase function for densely packed inclusions. Numerical results of the phase function for a randomly oriented hexagonal-shaped ice crystal with multiple densely packed inclusions are evaluated.


Xianming Sun and Hengxu Ha, "Light Scattering by Large Hexagonal Column with Multiple Densely Packed Inclusions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 3, 105-112, 2008.


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