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A Thresholded Landweber Iteration Based on Sensing Dictionary

By Anmin Huang, Qun Wan, Guan Gui, and Wanlin Yang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 8, 73-82, 2009


Thresholded Landweber Iteration (TLI) is an attractive algorithm since it has the advantage of simplicity for the problem of sparse reconstruction. However, this algorithm depends heavily on the coherence property of the redundant ictionary, and its convergence rate is slow. In this paper, we develop a modified version of TLI by using a sensing dictionary. The proposed algorithm significantly improves the reconstruction performance and the convergence roperties when compared to the classical TLI. We provide a sufficient condition for which the modified TLI algorithm an be guaranteed to exactly identify the correct atoms and also discuss the convergence properties for this agorithm. Finally, simulation results are presented to demonstrate the superior performance of the proposed lgorithm.


Anmin Huang, Qun Wan, Guan Gui, and Wanlin Yang, "A Thresholded Landweber Iteration Based on Sensing Dictionary," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 8, 73-82, 2009.


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