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Wideband Rod-Dipole Antenna with a Modified Feed for DTV Signal Reception

By Saou-Wen Su and Fa-Shian Chang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 12, 127-132, 2009


A wideband rod-dipole antenna with a modified feed for DTV signal reception in the 470-862-MHz UHF band is presented. The antenna consists of two retractable rod-dipole arms, which are connected to the opposite top corners of the modified feed. The feed is in the shape of a rectangle with dimensions 20 mm × 40 mm and divided into two portions by a U slit. The antenna can generate nearby resonant modes to attain a wide operating band, exceeding 60% bandwidth with VSWR below 3, much larger than that of the conventional center-fed dipole antenna. In addition, with the two dipole arms designed at the production stage to be able to swivel around, the antenna radiation and polarization thereof can easily be adjusted for better DTV signal reception without moving the whole antenna structure.


Saou-Wen Su and Fa-Shian Chang, "Wideband Rod-Dipole Antenna with a Modified Feed for DTV Signal Reception," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 12, 127-132, 2009.


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