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Influence of Low Intensity Coherent Electromagnetic Millimeter Radiation (EMR) on Aqua Solution of Dna

By Vitaly P. Kalantaryan, Poghos O. Vardevanyan, Yu S. Babayan, E. S. Gevorgyan, S. N. Hakobyan, and A. P. Antonyan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 13, 1-9, 2010


The thermostability and density of water-salt solutions of DNA, irradiated by non thermal coherent millimeter electromagnetic waves with frequency 64.5 GHz have been investigated using the methods of spectrophotometry and densitometry. It is shown that the thermostability of DNA and density of its solutions are increased, depending on time of irradiation. It is expected that under the influence of millimeter electromagnetic radiation the hydration of DNA and ions of Na+ that are present in solution decrease. As a result, the physicochemical characteristics of DNA are changed.


Vitaly P. Kalantaryan, Poghos O. Vardevanyan, Yu S. Babayan, E. S. Gevorgyan, S. N. Hakobyan, and A. P. Antonyan, "Influence of Low Intensity Coherent Electromagnetic Millimeter Radiation (EMR) on Aqua Solution of Dna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 13, 1-9, 2010.


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