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Dual-Band Filter Using Non-Bianisotropic Split-Ring Resonators

By Pedro de Paco, Oscar Menendez, and Jordi Marin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 13, 51-58, 2010


This work proposes the use of Non-Bianisotropic Split Ring Resonators (NB-SRRs) as building blocks for dual-band response filters. Design parameters will be evaluated in order to characterize coupling mechanisms for both the particle and filter structure. A ready-to-use dual-band filter for a multiconstellation Galileo/GPS global positioning receiver is manufactured in order to validate and test the proposed design. The device transmission response measurement agrees with both circuital and electromagnetic simulations, as well as with theoretical insertion losses, which are 2.4 dB and 3.5 dB at center passbands for L5 and L1 bands respectively.


Pedro de Paco, Oscar Menendez, and Jordi Marin, "Dual-Band Filter Using Non-Bianisotropic Split-Ring Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 13, 51-58, 2010.


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