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Effect on Tumoral Cells of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Waves

By Vitaly P. Kalantaryan, Radik Martirosyan, Lusine Nersesyan, Anahit Aharonyan, Irina Danielyan, Hrachya Stepanyan, Jilda Gharibyan, and Naira Khudaverdyan
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 20, 97-105, 2011


Violations of the process of methylation reveal itself at the early stages of malignant transformation of cells, and the content of 5-methylcytosine can serve as a diagnostic test for tumor formation and treatment of disease. The carried out studies revealed the correlation of antitumor activity of MM-therapy (the coherent millimeter electromagnetic waves of low intensity) with inhibition of methylation of tumor DNA in vivo. It is established that an half-hour exposure of MM-radiation results in the tumor growth inhibition by 33,5% and a sharp suppression of the level of DNA-methylation -2.5 times. The results obtained in this experiment indicate the prospects of working out the MM-therapy for clinical oncology in the treatment of malignant neoplasms.


Vitaly P. Kalantaryan, Radik Martirosyan, Lusine Nersesyan, Anahit Aharonyan, Irina Danielyan, Hrachya Stepanyan, Jilda Gharibyan, and Naira Khudaverdyan, "Effect on Tumoral Cells of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Waves," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 20, 97-105, 2011.


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