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Bandwidth Enhancement Design of Planar F-Shaped Tag Antenna with Parasitic Strips

By Jui-Han Lu and Jia-Jie Wu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 20, 1-9, 2011


A novel bandwidth enhancement design of planar F-shaped dipole antenna for RFID tag is proposed. With the use of two parasitic strips inset along the closed loop of the input IC chip in this proposed tag antenna, a new resonant mode close to 900 MHz band is excited to enhance the operating bandwidth. The obtained impedance bandwidth across the operating band can reach about 104 MHz for UHF band. With omni-directional reading pattern, the measured reading distance is about 2.8 m as the tag antenna mounted on the glass object.


Jui-Han Lu and Jia-Jie Wu, "Bandwidth Enhancement Design of Planar F-Shaped Tag Antenna with Parasitic Strips," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 20, 1-9, 2011.


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