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Experimental Observation of Pulse-Shortening Phenomena in Traveling-Wave Field Effect Transistors

By Koichi Narahara
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 21, 79-88, 2011


We experimentally characterize the pulse-shortening phenomena in traveling-wave field effect transistors (TWFETs). When a decreasing voltage pulse is applied to the gate line and an increasing voltage pulse is simultaneously applied to the drain line, a sinusoidal wave supported by an exponential edge is developed in the drain line. In order to make the velocity of the sinusoidal wave coincident with that of the exponential edge, the wavenumber of this sinusoidal wave must be considerably increased. Moreover, the small-amplitude parts of the wave disappear with the shorter propagation while the large-amplitude ones remain in the drain line. The input pulse is considerably shortened owing to these two properties. This paper validates the pulse-shortening phenomena by performing several measurements using a breadboarded TWFET.


Koichi Narahara, "Experimental Observation of Pulse-Shortening Phenomena in Traveling-Wave Field Effect Transistors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 21, 79-88, 2011.


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