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Electromagnetic Cylindrical Concentrators in Initially Homogeneous OR Inhomogeneous Dielectric Core Media Designed by the Coordinate Transformation Method

By Eva Cojocaru
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 21, 147-157, 2011


Reflectionless cylindrical concentrators have been designed up to now in an initially empty core space by applying forminvariant, spatial coordinate transformations of Maxwell's equations. We show that the reflectionless cylindrical concentrators in initially homogeneous and isotropic dielectric core media allow an enhanced concentration of the incident field. Designs of more complex reflectionless concentrators in initially inhomogeneous dielectric media represented by empty or dielectric-filled circular containers are also presented. The transformation equations are given explicitly, and the fields are expressed analytically. The functionality of these devices is illustrated by several examples.


Eva Cojocaru, "Electromagnetic Cylindrical Concentrators in Initially Homogeneous OR Inhomogeneous Dielectric Core Media Designed by the Coordinate Transformation Method," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 21, 147-157, 2011.


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