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Cylindrical-Rectangular Microstrip Array with High-Gain Operation for IEEE 802.11j MIMO Applications

By Jui-Han Lu and Guo-Luan Huang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 23, 1-7, 2011


This article proposes a novel 4-sector cylindrical-rectangular microstrip array with high-gain operation and multi-beam radiation for IEEE 802.11j MIMO WLAN system. With the use of 1 x 2 array, the impedance bandwidth for the operating band of 5 GHz can reach about 2.5% (125 MHz), which is enough for IEEE 802.11j specifications. Peak antenna gains across the operating band are close to 11.0 dBi with the gain variations of 0.3 dBi.


Jui-Han Lu and Guo-Luan Huang, "Cylindrical-Rectangular Microstrip Array with High-Gain Operation for IEEE 802.11j MIMO Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 23, 1-7, 2011.


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