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Enhancing Terahertz Radiation from Dipole Photoconductive Antenna by Blending Tips

By Junming Diao, Feng Yang, Lin Du, Jun Ou Yang, and Peng Yang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 25, 127-134, 2011


We study the rectangular tips of the dipole photoconductive antenna, which has been widely used for terahertz radiation and detection, with different blend radii effect on the emission performance of terahertz (THz) radiation. For the amplitude of THz radiation pulse is proportional to the local electric field in the gap, the increased maximum bias electric field by blending tips is able to achieve higher THz radiation power. Both considering the influence to the maximum bias electric field and the emission efficiency, the blend radius of the rectangular tips is suggest to be larger than 5 μm and the radiation power is largely enhanced. Comparing to the previous work, our method has better THz radiation performance.


Junming Diao, Feng Yang, Lin Du, Jun Ou Yang, and Peng Yang, "Enhancing Terahertz Radiation from Dipole Photoconductive Antenna by Blending Tips," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 25, 127-134, 2011.


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