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Comparison of THz Backward Wave Oscillators Based on Corrugated Waveguides

By Mauro Mineo and Claudio Paoloni
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 30, 163-171, 2012


The backward wave oscillator is a promising and powerful source at THz frequencies. The rectangular corrugated waveguide is an effective solution as slow wave structure to design backward-wave oscillators (BWOs), suitable to be fabricated by photolithographic high-aspect ratio processes. However, assembling and vacuum pumping are a critical issue. In this paper, a corrugated waveguide with the width of the corrugation narrower than the waveguide width will be investigated as slow wave structure for BWOs. A relevant improvement from the point of view of the assembling, together with even better performance will be demonstrated. Two backward wave oscillators, at 1 THz central frequency, designed with conventional and narrow corrugated waveguide will be compared in terms of output power and frequency band of tuning.


Mauro Mineo and Claudio Paoloni, "Comparison of THz Backward Wave Oscillators Based on Corrugated Waveguides," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 30, 163-171, 2012.


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