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A Polarization-Dependent Mutiband RAM Design

By Xu Yao, Xiang-Yu Cao, Jun Gao, and Qun Yang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 32, 11-18, 2012


A polarization-dependent mutiband radar absorbing material (PDM-RAM) composed of polarization-dependent multiband AMC (PDMAMC) and perfect electric conductor (PEC) cells is proposed. The PDMAMC is realized by etching a complementary split ring resonator (CSRR) on the patch of a conventional AMC. Around the two/three operational frequencies of the PDMAMC-elements for different electric field polarizations, the reflections of the PDMAMC and PEC have opposite phases, so for any normal incident plane wave the reflections cancel out. The basic principle is discussed, and a sample is measured. The results show that the proposed method is feasible and effective for the polarization-dependent multiband radar cross section (RCS) reduction.


Xu Yao, Xiang-Yu Cao, Jun Gao, and Qun Yang, "A Polarization-Dependent Mutiband RAM Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 32, 11-18, 2012.


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