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A Dual-Band Metamaterial Absorber Based with Resonant-Magnetic Structures

By Hong-Min Lee and Hyungsup Lee
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 33, 1-12, 2012


In this paper, we present a new type of a double-negative metamaterial (MTM) absorber based with resonant-magnetic structures, with a periodic array composed of a split-ring resonator (SRR) and two open complementary split-ring resonators (OCSRRs). In contrast to common absorber configurations, the absorber proposed in this paper does not use a metallic back plate or a resistive sheet. In order to eliminate the need for this metallic back plate, a planar array of SRRs is placed parallel to the incident wave propagation direction. An appropriately designed combination structure of two OCSRRs and a SRR exhibits negative permittivity and negative permeability in the same frequency band. Each unit cell is printed on both sides of an FR-4 substrate. A prototype absorber was fabricated with a planar array of 75 × 42 unit cells. Both simulations and experiments verify the effectiveness of the proposed backplane-less MTM absorber. The proposed backplane-less absorber can be used for microwave applications.


Hong-Min Lee and Hyungsup Lee, "A Dual-Band Metamaterial Absorber Based with Resonant-Magnetic Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 33, 1-12, 2012.


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