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Distortion Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Sensors in Laguerre Functions Subspace

By Shekoofeh Saboktakin and Behzad Kordi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 32, 109-118, 2012


A time-domain approach for distortion analysis of electromagnetic eld senors is developed in Laguerre functions subspace. Using Laguerre convolution preservation property, it is proved that every electromagnetic eld sensor corresponds to an equivalent discrete-time LTI system. The equivalent discrete-time system is compared to a reference system as a measure of distortion. Further, this analysis may be performed repeatedly to obtain a bandwidth-limited distortion characteristic. The method is employed to compare the distortion characteristic of an asymptotic conical dipole (ACD) to wire monopoles of various lengths. A time-domain simulation is performed in order to nd the distortion characteristics by solving an electric eld integral equation (EFIE) using the method of moments (MoM).


Shekoofeh Saboktakin and Behzad Kordi, "Distortion Analysis of Electromagnetic Field Sensors in Laguerre Functions Subspace," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 32, 109-118, 2012.


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