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Integrated Metal-Insulator-Metal Plasmonic Nano Resonator: an Analytical Approach

By Rehab Kotb, Yehia Ismail, and Mohamed A. Swillam
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 83-94, 2013


A novel structure is proposed as an inline resonator. The resonator has low loss, compact size and good sensing characteristics. A simple analytical form to the plasmonic waveguide discontinuity, filter resonance response and cascaded filters behavior is proposed. The model is extracted from the waveguide physical parameters and provides a physical insight into the structure of the filter. This model is simple, accurate, and shows a good agreement with FDTD simulations. The ability of the model to provide a good methodology to obtain high quality filters using cascaded inline filtering is verified using FDTD. The proposed nanofilter can be used in various plasmonic applications such as sensing, biomedical diagnostics and on-chip interconnects. Using cascaded filters, a higher quality filter is achieved.


Rehab Kotb, Yehia Ismail, and Mohamed A. Swillam, "Integrated Metal-Insulator-Metal Plasmonic Nano Resonator: an Analytical Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 83-94, 2013.


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