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Numerical Simulation of Gold Nanostructure Absorption Efficiency for Fiber-Optic Photoacoustic Generation

By Ye Tian, Hamzeh Jaradat, Nan Wu, Xiaotian Zou, Yang Zhang, Yuqian Liu, Alkim Akyurtlu, Chengyu Cao, and Xingwei Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 42, 209-223, 2013


In many non-destructive testing and medical diagnostic applications, photoacoustic generation by optical fiber is an effective approach to meet the requirements of broad bandwidth and compact size. The energy absorption layer coated onto the fiber endface plays an important role in the conversion of laser energy into heat used to excite acoustic waves. Gold nanostructures are promising solutions to be utilized as energy absorption layers due to their capability of absorbing maximum optical energy at plasmon resonant frequencies. The appropriate selection of the organization and dimensions of the gold nanostructures is the key to achieving high absorption efficiency. Numerical modeling is an efficient way to predict the behavior of the system as a variation of select parameters. A 3D finite integral technique model was established to simulate the dependency of absorption efficiency on the organization and dimensions of the gold nanospheres and nanorods. The simulation results provided practical clues to the design and fabrication of fiber-optic photoacoustic generators.


Ye Tian, Hamzeh Jaradat, Nan Wu, Xiaotian Zou, Yang Zhang, Yuqian Liu, Alkim Akyurtlu, Chengyu Cao, and Xingwei Wang, "Numerical Simulation of Gold Nanostructure Absorption Efficiency for Fiber-Optic Photoacoustic Generation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 42, 209-223, 2013.


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