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3D Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy Using Cylindrical Vector Beams

By Taikei Suyama and Yaoju Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 73-81, 2013


We propose a method to obtain nano-scale 3D super-resolution in STED fluorescence microscopy. A double-ring-shaped cylindrical vector vortex beam, with an appropriate vortex angle and a proper truncation parameter of the beam, is used to generate a 3D dark spot as the erase spot. A single-ring-shaped radially polarized beam is used as a pump beam, which can generate a sharper 3D bright spot. The volume of the generated 3D dark spot is small and the uniformity of the light wall surrounding the spot is quite high. Consequently, the 3D super-resolution ability of a STED microscope is improved and nano-scale three-dimensional resolutions are obtained.


Taikei Suyama and Yaoju Zhang, "3D Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy Using Cylindrical Vector Beams," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 73-81, 2013.


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