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A Novel Design of Low Profile Highly Directive Antenna with Partially Reflecting Surface Superstrate

By Xiao-Jing Qi, Yong-Chang Jiao, Gang Zhao, and Kai-Lun Liang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 55-63, 2013


This paper presents a new design of high-gain low-profile resonant cavity antenna. A novel partially reflecting surface (PRS) is adopted as the superstrate with the characteristics of high-reflection magnitude and low-reflection phase that allows the reduction of cavity height to about λ/8 and the enhancement of the gain by 10.73 dB. Several significant parameters that characterize the PRS superstrate are investigated based on the unit cell simulation. The measured results show that this method is effective, and this structure can provide a high-gain at the operating frequency. The measured results agree reasonably well with the simulated ones.


Xiao-Jing Qi, Yong-Chang Jiao, Gang Zhao, and Kai-Lun Liang, "A Novel Design of Low Profile Highly Directive Antenna with Partially Reflecting Surface Superstrate," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 43, 55-63, 2013.


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