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A Novel Uni-Planar Compact EBG Structure

By Peng Chen, Xiao Dong Yang, Chao Yang Chen, and Yu Ning Zhao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 45, 31-34, 2014


The radiation and propagation characteristic can be improved by the microstrip structure of the electromagnetic band-gap, which is becoming miniaturized today. In order to reduce the influence to the width of the band-gap brought by the miniaturization of the UC-EBG structure, a novel UC EBG structure is brought out. The band-gap width is guaranteed, meanwhile, the unit length is reduced to 0.1λg. Results of measurement indicate that this structure is effectively miniaturized, has an excellent performance, and can be used in the antenna or microwave circuit fields.


Peng Chen, Xiao Dong Yang, Chao Yang Chen, and Yu Ning Zhao, "A Novel Uni-Planar Compact EBG Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 45, 31-34, 2014.


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