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Electromagnetically Induced Absorption in Metamaterials in the Infrared Frequency

By Sharhabeel Alyones
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 47, 19-24, 2014


In this paper, the author studies, through numerical simulation, the classical analog of the electromagnetically induced absorption/reflection (EIA) in a planar metamaterial structure in the near infrared spectral region. The structure is designed by transforming an electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) structure into an EIA structure using Babinet's principle. The structure exhibits a coupling between a bright mode (a complementary ring resonator (CRR)) and a dark mode (pair of parallel straight slits) imprinted on a glass substrate. A narrow absorption window, induced in a wide transparent window, is achieved by the structure and the strength of coupling is tuned by the degree of breaking symmetry and relative displacement of the two mode elements.


Sharhabeel Alyones, "Electromagnetically Induced Absorption in Metamaterials in the Infrared Frequency," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 47, 19-24, 2014.


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