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Focusing Properties of Hypergeometric Gaussian Beam through a High Numerical-Aperture Objective

By Ji Peng, Zhengye Shan, Yangsheng Yuan, Zhifeng Cui, Wei Huang, and Jun Qu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 51, 21-26, 2015


The focusing properties of radially polarized hypergeometric Gaussian beam are studied using the Richards-Wolf vectorial diffraction model. Such a polarized beam is decomposed into radial and longitudinal polarization. With a proper combination of the beam order, beam size and imaginary parameter variables, the adjustably confined flat-topped focus and focal hole can be obtained in the focal region. Moreover, we got originality characteristic for the axial intensity distribution of two shaped symmetric light spots. The tight focusing of a hypergeometric Gaussian beam may find applications in data storage, laser drilling, optical trapping, etc.


Ji Peng, Zhengye Shan, Yangsheng Yuan, Zhifeng Cui, Wei Huang, and Jun Qu, "Focusing Properties of Hypergeometric Gaussian Beam through a High Numerical-Aperture Objective," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 51, 21-26, 2015.


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