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An Improved TEM Antenna Designing Used in Electromagnetic Pulse Directed Radiation

By Hang Li and Shoulin Yin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 57, 17-22, 2015


As we all know, traditional transmission electromagnetic pulse simulator has restricted test space problem. This paper proposes a new directed radiation fast rising time electromagnetic pulse (FREMP) simulator scheme which is based on transverse electric magnetic (TEM) wave antenna of a wire edge curl structure. Through numerical simulation, we study the influence of the parameters of wire edge curl TEM horn antenna and the effect of absorption resistance on radiation field. The simulation results show that the wire edge curl TEM horn antenna can effectively improve the ability of low frequency radiation. It can provide a theoretical support for developing FREMP simulator. We also demonstrate the feasibility of developing FREMP simulator using wire edge curl TEM horn antenna through experiments. Finally, the experimental results show that the radiation field of FREMP simulator developed by wire edge curl TEM horn antenna can meet high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) requirements.


Hang Li and Shoulin Yin, "An Improved TEM Antenna Designing Used in Electromagnetic Pulse Directed Radiation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 57, 17-22, 2015.


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