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Waveguide Integrated High-Gain Amplifier Module for Millimeter-Wave Applications

By Young Chul Lee
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 57, 125-130, 2015


In this paper, a high-gain amplifier module has been presented for millimeter wave applications. In order to suppress oscillation of the high-gain amplification block, a rectangular waveguide (WG) is fully integrated into the metal case, on which a cascaded two-stage amplifier is mounted. Due to the integrated WG, additional WG-to-microstrip line (MSL) transitions are required. Therefore, a low-loss and wide-band WG-to-MSL transition is designed and fabricated on a 5 mil thick RT5880 substrate. Two sets of WG-to-MSL transitions in back-to-back structure are assembled in the metal case for the high-gain amplifier module and are characterized. The measured transition loss and operational returnloss (S11) bandwidth less than -10 dB are less than -0.44 dB/a transition and 15.9 GHz from 34.1 to 50 GHz, respectively. The fabricated high-gain amplifier module shows a high gain over 39.7 dB from 38 to 41 GHz. At 38.7 GHz, its maximum gain of 44.25 dB is achieved.


Young Chul Lee, "Waveguide Integrated High-Gain Amplifier Module for Millimeter-Wave Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 57, 125-130, 2015.


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