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Hilbert Curve Fractal Antenna for Dual on- and off -Body Communication

By Susilo Ady Saputro and Jae-Young Chung
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 58, 81-88, 2016


We present a Hilbert curve fractal antenna operating at 2.45 GHz ISM and 5.5 GHz WLAN bands. The proposed antenna employs a third-order Hilbert curve and two shorting vias for antenna miniaturization and dual-band/mode operation. At 2.45 GHz, the antenna exhibits a monopole-like radiation pattern, while at 5.5 GHz, it provides a broadside radiation pattern, suitable for simultaneous on- and off-body communication using two distinct frequency bands. The antenna foot print is as small as 25.5 mm×25.5 mm. Simulation and measurement results demonstrate that the antenna gain is more than 1.9 dBi if the antenna is mounted on a ground larger than 40 mm×40 mm. The effect of human body presence on antenna performance was investigated by means of full-wave simulations locating the antenna on a human body phantom. It is shown that the proposed antenna is capable of maintaining its free-space performance over the human body phantom except for the gain reduction of 2.5 dBi at 5.5 GHz band.


Susilo Ady Saputro and Jae-Young Chung, "Hilbert Curve Fractal Antenna for Dual on- and off -Body Communication," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 58, 81-88, 2016.


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