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Transformation-Based Flexible Thermal Hose with Homogeneous Conductors in Bilayer Configurations

By Tiancheng Han and Yuhang Gao
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 59, 137-143, 2016


Thermal hose is capable of transferring the thermal energy of a finite source to arbitrary long distance. This is achieved by using stretching transformation and can be ideally constructed by using a material with a highly anisotropic thermal conductivity. For practical realization, such a thermal hose can be made of homogeneous conductors in bilayer configurations, employing only copper and expanded polystyrene. It is shown that the thermal energy can be well confined and almost perfectly transferred in an arbitrarily bending hose, demonstrating excellent flexibility. More interestingly is that, when a point heat source is placed at the opening of a split-ring-shaped hose, the temperature of the inner region becomes uniform and reaches nearly as high as the heat source. These novel properties of the proposed flexible thermal hose have been numerically validated in time-dependent case, showing excellent transfer and configuration of thermal energy.


Tiancheng Han and Yuhang Gao, "Transformation-Based Flexible Thermal Hose with Homogeneous Conductors in Bilayer Configurations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 59, 137-143, 2016.


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