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Low-Profile and Small Capacitively Fed VHF Antenna

By Yaakoub Taachouche, Franck Colombel, Mohamed Himdi, and Antoine Guenin
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 60, 31-38, 2016


A low profile, compact antenna operating around 162 MHz with omnidirectional vertically polarized radiation is proposed. The antenna is a short monopole capacitively coupled to short-end quarter-wavelength printed line optimized at 162 MHz for Automatic Identification System (AIS) application. The antenna dimensions are less than λ/185 in height and λ/20 in lateral dimension, and the small size of antenna provides a narrow band of 0.34% and gain of -11.6 dBi. The simulated and measured results are in good agreement.


Yaakoub Taachouche, Franck Colombel, Mohamed Himdi, and Antoine Guenin, "Low-Profile and Small Capacitively Fed VHF Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 60, 31-38, 2016.


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