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Compact and Wide Stopband E-Plane Waveguide Diplexer Design

By Mahdi Alibakhshi, Reza Bayderkhani, and Majid Afsahi
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 66, 59-64, 2017


This paper presents the design of a compact E-plane waveguide diplexer with wide stopband characteristics of high rejection level. This is achieved by utilizing a unique E-plane waveguide filter comprising rectangular apertures located along the waveguide's E-plane. The upper and lower sections of the aperture in the septum insert have periodic comb-like ridges. The effect of the septum is (i) to slow the propagating wave that helps to reduce the filter's size, and (ii) widens its stopband property. Dimensions of the periodic ridges of the aperture enable the center frequency of the filter to be controlled without compromising its bandwidth. In addition, the proposed E-plane waveguide filter provides a high isolation between the two diplexer channels, which is necessary to prevent significant cross-talk between the channels. The performance of the proposed design was verified through measurements. There is excellent agreement between the simulated and experimental results.


Mahdi Alibakhshi, Reza Bayderkhani, and Majid Afsahi, "Compact and Wide Stopband E-Plane Waveguide Diplexer Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 66, 59-64, 2017.


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