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Fast Synthesis of Planar, Maximally Thinned Arrays

By Roberto M. Tumolo, Michele D'Urso, Giancarlo Prisco, and Aniello Buonanno
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 68, 47-52, 2017


In this paper a method for a fast synthesis of planar, maximally thinned and steerable arrays is proposed and tested on several benchmarks available in literature. The method optimizes simultaneously the weight coefficients and sensor positions of a planar array without using global optimization schemes, properly exploiting convex optimization based algorithms. The resulting arrays are able to radiate a steerable beam pattern, satisfying a prescribed power mask and avoid to constraint the fitting of any a priori assigned reference field pattern. Although such a method takes into account the general case of sparse arrays, this letter is focused on the case of thinned arrays as a special case of sparse ones, since the initial grid to thin on has only half-wavelength distances. Such a feature allows a faster synthesis than in the general case of sparse arrays.


Roberto M. Tumolo, Michele D'Urso, Giancarlo Prisco, and Aniello Buonanno, "Fast Synthesis of Planar, Maximally Thinned Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 68, 47-52, 2017.


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