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Design of a Compact Stacked Yagi with a Novel Slotted Reflector and a Ladder-Like Director for Bandwidth Enhancement

By Li Jiang, Fu-Shun Zhang, and Fan Zhang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 15-22, 2017


A compact stacked Yagi antenna is proposed with bandwidth enhancement in this paper. To reduce the size of the antenna and simultaneously improve the front-to-back ratio (FTBR), a reflector, modified with six slots, two λ0/4 meanderline-shaped slots and four straight short slots, is employed. Furthermore, a ladder-like director is designed to overcome the mismatch loss caused by the diminution of the height between the reflector and driven dipole. As shown in both simulation and measurement, the proposed compact Yagi antenna can achieve a compact size of 0.55λ0×0.55λ0×0.08λ0, |S11| ≤ -10 dB bandwidth of 17.2% and an FTBR of 22dB at 2.2GHz. The acceptable results make the proposed Yagi antenna a good candidate for applications where compact size and wide bandwidth are needed.


Li Jiang, Fu-Shun Zhang, and Fan Zhang, "Design of a Compact Stacked Yagi with a Novel Slotted Reflector and a Ladder-Like Director for Bandwidth Enhancement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 70, 15-22, 2017.


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