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Nonlinear Metamaterial Composite Structure with Tunable Tunneling Frequency

By Tuanhui Feng, Hongpei Han, Limin Wang, and Fei Yang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 71, 91-96, 2017


A nonlinear metamaterial composite structure with tunable tunneling frequency is presented. Based on theoretical calculation results, a nonlinear metamaterial sandwich structure constructed by epsilon negative metamaterial (ENM), mu negative metamaterial (MNM) and nonlinear double negative metamaterial (NDNM) is designed, and its nonlinear properties are investigated. The measured results show that the tunneling frequency of the sandwich structure ENM-NDNM-MNM can be controlled conveniently by signal power.


Tuanhui Feng, Hongpei Han, Limin Wang, and Fei Yang, "Nonlinear Metamaterial Composite Structure with Tunable Tunneling Frequency," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 71, 91-96, 2017.


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