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A 77 GHz Series Fed Weighted Antenna Arrays with Suppressed Sidelobes in E- and h -Plane

By Wang Wei and Xuetian Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 72, 23-28, 2018


This paper proposes a 77GHz microstrip series-fed patch antenna arrays for automotive radar applications. Based on the Taylor Distribution Principle, we designed a six-units series-fed weighted antenna array. A Wilkinson 1∶8 un-equal divider is employed to connect eight antenna arrays to form a whole planar antenna. In antenna far-field patterns, the E-plane side-lobe level is approximately below -20.15 dB, and the H-plane side-lobe level is about -15 dB. Good accordance is obtained between simulated and measured results. The designed antenna has great value in the application fields of 77 GHz automotive radar antenna.


Wang Wei and Xuetian Wang, "A 77 GHz Series Fed Weighted Antenna Arrays with Suppressed Sidelobes in E- and h -Plane," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 72, 23-28, 2018.


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